What is the truth?

We all have different ideas of what the truth is, and it so happens that people in groups tend to have similar beliefs as to what the truth is. Sadly enough, when you have enough people in such a group constituting a significant amount of the general population, then the so-called truth becomes REALITY, and acceptance of that ‘reality’ becomes referred to as normal. The problem is that normal isn’t universal, thus, truth isn’t universal.
Most people try to personalize their truth in a way that fits in line with the normal making truth even more ambiguous, and no one has any problem with the fact that what they call truth doesn’t agree with what another group of people refer to as truth.
So, my question is this – Is truth just a word given to one’s reality or is it a concept independent of one’s perception?
Well, I would like to think that the latter should be the case. I believe that the truth exists. It doesn’t matter whether it falls in line or opposite to what I believe to be the truth. I believe that there is a universal truth to which everyone is subjected, be they aware of it or not, accept it or nay.
Let’s look at the fact that we all have some explanation for how we came to be and for the purpose of our existence. If we were to be honest with ourselves, we all know that we could only have been brought into existence via one means. Still, some people fill perfectly content taking what they believe as fact and leaving out other possibilities. I recognize that determining the truth of the beginning with utmost certainty is impossible at present, however, is it a solution to try to fill our ignorance with what are, more or less, assumptions.
I ask you this – Which is better? To accept that you do not know and thus leave yourself open to knowing OR to deny our ignorance, pick up a theory that suits our fancy, whether it be truth or not, and run with (believe in) it?

Why acknowledge the line?

I have had a lot of situations where people justify their ideologies from the standpoint of personal preference and choice. Well, this is OK for things dt r, 4 all intent and purposes, personal like what food to eat, the right cloths to wear & even wc school is the best. But not 4 ideas solely generated for the regulation of a group. I bliv dis doesn’t apply. Altho joining the group may have been personal preference to begin with, d tenets thereof are strictly a collective thing, because if not why acknowledge it as a dynamic on its own. If we all agree that we are working towards arriving at a finish line bt we all can’t agree on where the finish line is, den what is d point of running the race? A good example is the aspect of religion. I find it really odd for a group of Christians to have varying ideas on what the right thing is and still decide to address this variation from the stand point of personal preference, for the love of God. Your entire reasons for gathering together is in achievement of a  said purpose, bearing in mind that how this goals get achieved makes all the difference. Take for instance, a group of Christians who bliv dt wealth is one of the promises of their religion – following d tenets of their religion they will be clear that killing or stealing in other to achieve said purpose is out of the question so someone claiming personal preference in that situation will be easily accused of self deceit. This is all well and Good except when the issue becomes whether or not wealth, to begin with, is a constituent. Then this now becomes more of a philosophical dispute with each party bringing out statement from the same bible to buttress their point. Then a final verdict of personal preference becomes the best choice in other to preserve peace. my issue with this – both cannot be right 100% and in such a situation where being right makes all the difference then this situation makes your stand in totality void. Because if a line has no agreed upon location then what is the point of acknowledging the lines existence when the location is the issue


Why do babies cry when they are born? Some say that since babies come from heaven, on arriving, the baby is flooded with pain that he or she hasn’t felt before hence they cry. It could also be because the baby is used to the comfort, warmth and protection provided by its mothers womb and nowhere else feels better. Either way, going by babies’ cries I wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that it must feel better for them where ever they are coming from than it does here. What if a baby pops out laughing, that might mean just the opposite. That might mean that where ever the baby is coming from has to be worse than our world, Naija hellboy.
It is so much of a big deal when a baby doesn’t cry, that some cultures are known to smack babies to make them cry, should they not. A crying baby is a good baby. What implications are there for babies who drop out laughing. For one, to maintain balance, he would end up crying (pun intended). There would be no qualms with that until he ends up becoming the clueless president of a country and starts doing what his mates did some fifty years back – crying, all over the place. Of what use is a cry baby president, the outcome is hardly ever good. To keep a longer story long, when a baby pops out laughing, do us all a favour,
pick up koboko and wake up the bastard.


Nigerians have been associated with the phrase “living below one dollar per day”. Isn’t it ironic, then, that in the international market we are known for our pronounced purchasing power? we will buy ANYTHING? The average Nigerian, who is financially ok, spends most of his time thinking of how he will spend money. When you think of a country highly populated with people of this mentality it isn’t hard to realize we are going nowhere fast. In Nigeria the term ‘swag’ is synonymous with stupidity. I am not sorry for saying that. When a person invest a middle class worker’s monthly salary on a phone just to make a call -in a bid to show off, it can only be seen as stupidity. Somehow only such idiots keep getting money, while those who have actual needs are left to suffer. Well the truth is most likely that suffering fool will turn to a stupid idiot given a few years as a rich man so I can term it a disease transmitted via money. Think of Patek Philippe, a brand of watch that sells for about 2.9m dollars, lowest. As my friend rightly said and I quote, “God will Punish whoever buys this watch to tell time”. Imagine that is how stupid money can make you but the truth is we all need it and most of us want it, and few of us have the common sense to get it, but once in a while a stupid fool is smiled upon by luck and this brings about the problem having people with more money than sense and the more the money the less the sense. Admittedly, there are a few whose senses seem to rival their money. Take Bill Gates for instance,I’d like to assume that he is a lot more thoughtful than he is wealthy. To cut the long story short, just in case you wake up one morning and find yourself rich, think twice before you throw your common sense out the window.


Even without the bias of religion, giving to those that are less fortunate  is looked at as one of the purest acts a human being can perform. when I talk to people about why they don’t give so much they have the excuse of not wanting to be duped. yes it is true that out there are a lot of people begging out of laziness. To find out that the blind man you have been giving a reasonable amount of your money is not really blind, can sometimes make you think if the many other things you could have done with the money. I’d rather have 10000 naira to fall out my pocket than to be cheated off 100 bucks.
Yet it isn’t as black and white as it seems. Not wanting to be taken advantage of is an honest excuse but what most of us don’t realize is that by putting that into consideration every time you want to give you are going to end up depriving a honestly needy person of help you could have provided. how many of us have been approached by someone claiming not to have enough money for his or are transportation, this over time has come to be looked at as an obvious scam. I recall an experience I had, I found myself around 9pm with as little as 40naira standing between me and a couple of bus rides to my house which was quite far, I looked around and saw a man carrying a sack of what looked like trash. I found myself asking him for assistance and to my surprise without hesitation he looked into is pocket and gave me 100naira, no questions asked. He bade me farewell and walked along singing the same gospel song he was singing when I approached. It was obvious that the man did not have a lot but he still gave me to me. If that man stopped to ask himself “what if this is a scam”, who knows what will have happened to me that day, as I would have been punished for a crime I didn’t commit. It is foolish to completely hand out your trust carelessly, but would you rather a world were we had no trust for one another for reasons that are basically inferred. So in the end it is better to give when you can or you will only end up punishing the crime and not the criminal.


What is it about life that makes it so difficult to understand the reason why we do the things we do. why is it we represent the act of being good with our name, yet perform acts of unspeakable evil. A male lion fighting and possibly killing his own kind in pursuit of supremacy? How is that different from the violent acts we commit against one another, just because of our own selfish desires. Yet we still deem it fit to use the word, “human” as a simile for compassion, love, kindness and in that name we slaughter our brothers and maim our sisters. We have even found the most efficient of ways to kill each other, invented guns, bombs and poisons with the self righteous justification of advancement. Yes, that’s what we called it, “advancement”.
Perhaps we need these “advancements” to protect the weak amongst us from the seemingly evil ones, but even the weak still end up using this to prey on the weaker. Which pops the question, WHO ARE THE WEAK? When anyone can end up victimizing another it is merely a question of who is holding the gun and when will he give himself a reason to use it. For even the justified act of killing in self defence still comes down to one putting his life above another, or for that the fact that someone as chosen to end his own life equally means that the person as chosen to forfeit his/her own right to live, I am not saying that a victim about to be killed should allow it, simply because he doesn’t want to kill, if he as a chance to save himself he should; I would! But at least fill sorry, don’t give yourself a ”moral” justification. For it is in that filling that your humanity lies, that is what distinguishes us from animal, that we can say “I am sorry” and mean it, but you can try not giving yourself a reason to say it in the first place. Try to be a good person not because you should but because u want to, for the only way to break that chain of violence is for that one person to first say  ” I’M NOT GOING TO SHOOT”

Define respect

Society as tagged respect as something younger people should show to older ones, this way of looking at it is something I consider as misplaced. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it is bad to show a little courtsey to elderly people, you know, prostrate when u see one if that is what your custom demands. But what really vexes me is when they start thinking they are entitled to it just because they are old.
I am happy you got out before everyone else and somehow managed to dodge enough bullets to make it to 90. But this does not mean you are special, just lucky. Now do us a favour and stay lucky without robbing our faces in it. A good dictionary defines respect as, to be considered worthy of high regard or esteem, the key word there being “considered” it is not respect if it is for something generic, and even an elderly person with some forms of self respect shouldn’t like being patronised. I am saying I prefer being respected because of something special I did or because of my personality or even maybe my oddities not because the bullet wasn’t flying my way.
I found myself in a situation where after first arriving and claiming my prize of the front windows seat in a bus. Some dwarfish, old man (highest in is early 40) wanted me to hand over my prize to him just because he was older. I am not saying he was dwarfish just to insult him, but to emphasize that he makes a better candidate for the seat between the driver and I, compared to my 6ft frame. Common sense should tell him that. But alas senility has it’s perks. This in itself is enough reason. For the love of God I got there first, if he wanted the seat so badly he should have gotten there earlier. Age does not give him the right to bully youths and collect from them what they worked hard for. For any reason old people are the ones who should try to make it easier for youths, after all, it was your generation and the ones before yours that got the world to the sorry state it is. You should be the one apologising.
Just as it would be improper for me to take candy from a baby, it also is improper for elderly people to act like I owe them the world. I don’t.
To make matters worse a few, low minded senile fellows took his side and ganged up to snatch my prize from me. Then went on talking about respect of which I could see they knew nothing about. It took a new turn, when they played the “he is older than you card”. I asked if all his respect was worth was my seat in the bus? Then they all concluded that I lacked respect, started ranting about how my juniors would give me no respect. It was a war of words in which I was out numbered. As a peace loving citizen and to make it clear that they were now behaving like children who deserved no respect I gave up my cherished prize in the end.
I don’t hate elderly people just that some of them have their priorities misplaced. If you want respect try to earn it, it is not something you can take. I  like to be respected, but for the right things, not just because I am old. make yourself a better person and the respect will come until then keep dodging bullets.